When the Call Comes

I confess, I don’t know much about football, but I do have some basic understanding. I know it’s the dream of many high school boys to play in the NFL. They practice and strive to earn a spot to play on a college team. As college comes to an end, the best hope the NFL draft will make them real football players. It’s a dream that won’t come true for the majority of college players.

Only so many can be chosen, drafted.

When the dream doesn’t happen, many give up. Chris Matthews of the Seattle Seahawks wasn’t one who gave up. He wasn’t drafted, but he did get to sign with the Cleveland Browns as a free agent, only to get cut. For some, that might have been too much, but Chris didn’t quit. He played for a couple of other leagues, and eventually went to work at Foot Locker to pay the bills. It was there that he received the call to come try out for the Seahawks.

Finally, another a chance.

Even then, it wasn’t easy going. He was released, then joined their practice squad. Finally he was signed with the team in December 2014. He played in 3 games and didn’t catch a single pass. Most players would be discouraged and give up. Not Chris, he kept going. In 2015 he made a key play that helped the Seahawks win the NFC Championship, and then went on to play in Super Bowl 49.

football-596747_1280 CC0I first heard the Chris Matthews story during last years Super Bowl and it struck a chord with me. As a writer, I’ve worked and dreamed. I’ve had some successes and some set backs. I’ve worked a day job and probably will throughout my writing career. I’ve been tempted to give up many times. To say I’ve tried and it’s just not going to happen.

Have you been there? Do you feel like you’re at Footlocker when you want to be playing in the Super Bowl? Life can be tough for those of us who dream big. It can be more brutal than having a 250 pound linebacker tackle you.

What if Chris had given up and said, nah, I’ve tried this dream and it’s too tough, I’m going to stay at Footlocker? What would have happened to the Seahawks? Would they have made it to the 2015 Super Bowl? We will never know.

And there’s the rub.

God has given each of us a dream. Not all of us dream of playing pro-football, or writing novels, or curing cancer. Some of us dream of having a family, working in a particular profession, or helping others grow into their own potential. Regardless of the scope or size, dreams are important. Our dreams affect others. If we give up just because it gets hard, we have no idea what might happen.

Don’t give up. Keep working. Keep dreaming. Keep answering the phone at your own version of Footlocker.


*Source of information regarding Matthews: Wikipedia

Picture courtesy of Pixabay.